Martin Beck, Moyra Davey, Patrick Faigenbaum, Simone Gilges, Hervé Guibert, Peter Hujar, Kristin Loschert, Danh Võ
25. February 2023 — 15. April 2023
Heinz Peter Knes in
Martin Beck Moyra Davey
Patrick Faigenbaum Simone Gilges
Hervé Guibert Peter Hujar
Kristin Loschert Danh Võ

We are very pleased to present the group exhibition Correspondances, developed by Berlin-based photographer Heinz Peter Knes in collaboration with KM, Berlin and held as part of EMOP Berlin - European Month of Photography.

It is a first visualisation of the book project of the same title that Heinz Peter Knes is currently working on and that will soon be published by the Parisian publishing house Is-Land. The works that form the basis of this personal archive work since 30 years will be re-examined and questioned in the exhibition as well as in the book. On a formal, personal or historical level, lines of connection emerge in the gallery space; influences and themes from Knes' personal archive are taken up and thus Knes makes transparent a process that usually remains shielded in the shelter of the studio.

"Correspondance" here refers to the sense of exchange, reference, influence, encounter and long-term collaborations. These are therefore the elements that play a significant part in artistic practice beyond the visible and finished work. Who initiated and participated in the artistic work, how and when? In the positions shown, Heinz Peter Knes' private environment plays just as important a role in locating his own identity as do the cultural and social contexts that accompany it.

Martin Beck's series The First Five Years (2013) deals with books about communal life in the USA in the 1960s and 1970s. Kristin Loschert has been working about and with blind people since 2019, questioning her gaze as a photographer as well as reflecting on the perception of images that goes beyond the visual. The b/w photographs of French photographer and writer Hervé Guibert (1955–1991) draw from his close personal environment and show in a touching and intimate way the pain, loss and grief that was superimposed on everything by the deadly AIDS pandemic. The shifting between the poles of masculinity and femininity and the questioning of general attributions of the body, desire and sexuality are depicted in the photographs Leg (1984) by Moyra Davey and Héliogabale - Musée du Capitole, Rome (1986) by Patrick Faigenbaum. The sculptural sound installation by Simone Gilges shows a body in a state of transition, from the hidden something new emerges in the next moment. In his work Untitled (2019), Danh Võ combines various artistic positions and languages from his personal environment, which interweave as a whole, stand for themselves and merge into each other. The notion of beauty and decay is negotiated in the work Shack, Queens (1985) by Peter Hujar (1934–1987). It is one of his few photographs showing a building. The intensity of his gaze and the strong contrasts make the collapsed, broken and weathered shack shine, the rubble glowing sublimely in the darkness.

On the occasion of the exhibition, KM presents an exclusive edition by Heinz Peter Knes